Letter from Recruitment Chair

Dear Potential New Members, 


Thank you for your interest in Delta Gamma at the University of Maryland! We, the women of Delta Gamma, cannot wait to meet you throughout the formal recruitment process this spring. We look forward to making connections and friendships and gaining sisterhood with so many of you come Spring 2021. I'm Nicolette Contella, Vice President of Membership for Delta Gamma - Beta Sigma. I am a part of Member Class Spring 2018 and I am looking forward to having a successful recruitment. 


I know that recruitment is a long process, but your Rho Gamma's are there to guide you through the entire process. Delta Gamma has given me a second home that is over 200 miles away from North Jersey. It's connected me to people that I would have never met at the university. It's given me opportunities to be philanthropic, create amazing networking opportunities and always get a good laugh. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me and my team via email recruitdg@gmail.com about Delta Gamma's Recruitment. We look forward to meeting you this Spring!

Delta Gamma Love,

Nicolette Rose Contella